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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rice and Peas (Clouden Style))

This is a favorite dish for Sunday lunch/dinner in the Caribbean and is also a very popular dish at most Caribbean restaurants. Rice and peas is made in some of the islands with coconut milk and/or meat but this version does not contain either of these ingredients. This recipe is actually from my mother who makes very delicious rice and peas (with or without coconut milk) and is definitely one of the things that I miss living here in Massachusetts.

2 cups pigeon peas (check international section of the supermarket, e.g. Goya products)
1 medium to large Onion
Couple cloves of garlic
Sprig of thyme
2-3 seeds of clove (Not powder)
1-2 tsp. Sugar
1-cup rice
Salt to taste

Optional Ingredients
Olive oil
Evaporated Milk

Cook peas in water until soft and busted. (Note: if peas are frozen, thaw out first and start in cold water; keep adding hot to boiling water, never cold water once the peas has started boiling). Add seasoning – onion, garlic, chives, thyme, and clove seeds – to busted peas. Add a little sugar. Let simmer for a few minutes. Make sure that there is enough water for cooking the rice. Add rice and after brining to a boil add salt to taste. Cover and let cook until rice is to your required texture. Taste for salt. Enjoy!!!

OPTIONAL: Before you add the rice add a little olive oil, evaporated milk, and margarine. Simmer for a little while (more if milk is added, less if just oil and/margarine).

My mum’s foot note to this recipe is that she does not have to taste since she has YEARS of practice! Someday we will all be like you mum!


Lise Richards said...

Oh this is great - I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you for sharing these recipes! Now I can tease my mother-in-law that I can make rice and peas too. She hasn't yet shared her rice and peas recipe with me. She makes it without measuring anything; so it is kind of hard to pick up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rice & pea (without coconut milk) recipe.
I made it today with marinted pork chops.
I also put a scotch bonnet pepper in there to give it a peppery flavour.
Say thankyou to your mum for me!!

Ian - UK

Unknown said...

Great recipe!
So glad to have found a coconut-free recipe. I like to leave it out sometimes, to lessen the fat & calorie content.

Alex from Toronto.